Celebrated Actress and Dog-Lover Glenn Close Supports Service Dogs for Millions with Mental Disorders - ( 53L385 )

Attending the 2013 Social Innovation Summit in New York City to speak on behalf of her mental health advocacy group, Bring Change 2 Mind, was the celebrated Damages actress Glenn Close. Close spoke passionately and frankly about the negative stigma attached to mental illness.One out of every four people globally have some sort of mental illness, but unfortunately nearly two-thirds of those people go untreated: all information you can find on the organization's website BringChange2Mind.org. Close's organization works tirelessly to strip away the negative stigma mental illness carries, a cause Close is personally linked to through her sister Jessie Close, who suffers from bipolar disorder. While  telling personal anecdotes about her sister, Close described her sister's service dog named Snits, who is a constant source of support from Jessie. Close smiled as she described Jessie as always having Snits by her side, citing the importance of service dogs as incredibly helpful for those suffering with mental disorders.

But Close's love for dogs isn't just for their emotional support to victims of mental illness. Close's love for our four-legged friends is actually rooted in her childhood. You might be surprised to learn that she's had at least one dog for almost all of her life! >From Docus, the "beautiful tri-colored Collie" that she owned as a child, to Bill and Jake, her very special Terrier companions today (who are the root of her advice and often mentioned in her blogs!). Close has loved dogs of all colors, sizes and personalities, making her the exact opposite of de Vil! Recently, the Damages star joined FetchDog.com to create Lively Licks. The blog features a Q&A format where members "… talk endlessly about their pets and are deeply amused by them." Guests are then able to pick a pet organization of their choice, and FetchDog donates to it.

Glenn Close discusses the dogs in her life and the importance of giving back

Glenn Close discusses the dogs in her life and the importance of giving back

Charities close to Close's heart include Puppies Behind Bars, where prison inmates train puppies as service dogs; and Broadway Barks, which rescues and helps homeless dogs, and offers tips to the pet-owning community. In addition to the interviews, the blog also features profiles of Close, Bill, Jake, their canine friends, and the owners who love them. The site also includes "Random Licks", where Close posts advice, stories about her tail-wagging companions, and even pictures! Those who visit thesite can then leave comments and questions of their own. Years ago,who knew that in the 21st century there'd be a way for everyday people to communicate with a major celebrity over a love for dogs?

FetchDog.com also features a specialized shopping program that donates proceeds to charities in need. Celebrities such as Kevin Bacon, Jane Goodall, and Rachael Ray even recommend their favorite charities! Many of the items for sale are eco-friendly. Finally, a place where shopping can make you more of a humanitarian! For more information visit: FetchDog.com.

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