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25. Oktober 2013 – 16:01

Halloween is just around the corner and some of our favorite celebs are already looking to what they might wear for the fright night festivities!

We caught up with Josh Lucas, Karlie Kloss, Olivia Munn and Anthony Mackie at the Montblanc Madison Avenue boutique opening in New York City to get the scoop on their costume plans.

Josh Lucas reminisced on one of his best costumes in years’ past: “Years ago I won best costume as Matthew McConaughey. And the reason why is because I literally had a toothbrush and a pair of shorts on and multiple people got in arguments with me for not recognizing him because they thought I was him. I literally painted a six-pack of abs on and I won best costume.”

This Halloween, Lucas’ costume will be family-oriented (he welcomed son Noah with wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez in 2012).

“Well, this year, my little one-year-old wants to go as a lion,” he said. “So I think like a lion, sort of like the Lion King family or something would be great.”

Some celebs are repeat costume offenders: actor Anthony Mackie spilled that he would be the Tin Man this year, as he has been for many Halloweens. 

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Supermodel Karlie Kloss—who attended the event in a black top and printed skirt combo shared her Halloween-away-from-home plans with us: “I’ll be in Brazil over Halloween,” Kloss said. “It’s summer down there and I don’t know how festive they get, so I’ll have to pack a Halloween costume in my suitcase.”

The model already has an idea of what get-up could be suitcase friendly.

“Well, an easy one is [to] just be a football player. Put on a big jersey, put on some big pads, sort of do some black marks,” she said. “I always throw something together at the last minute.”

Meanwhile, Olivia Munn—wearing a white Viktor & Rolf frock with strappy Armani heels—might be going in Julie Andrews garb this year.

“I actually just talked to my best guy friend the other day and I said that if one year we get our schedules together we should go as Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins and then I’d be Mary Poppins, because I love that movie,” Munn said.

—Reporting by Jennifer Cooper

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